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Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Table

We hired Dawn to Dusk for our wedding earlier this June. When we first started wedding planning I did not think that we had enough money in the budget to accommodate a wedding coordinator. As I got into planning I quickly realized how many pieces have to come together the day of the wedding to make the day happen....and it was stressing me out! Not only was Dawn to Dusk very affordable but signing their contract was one of the most stress reducing things I did in the planning process. We hired them for the rehearsal dinner and for about 6 hours of wedding day coverage.

The Dawn to Dusk team helped us with the timeline and brought up good things to consider (like views from assigned seats). Their communication amongst staff was also great as our initial Dawn to Dusk team member that was going to help us with rehearsal and the wedding fell sick a day before. They quickly shifted and adjusted with few questions to us and I never once felt like it wasn't going to run smoothly with the switch.

The day before the wedding we hired them for the rehearsal dinner which was SUPER helpful as they helped keep everyone in check so we could get the "not fun" part of the rehearsal out of the way. The day of the wedding I don't know everything they did for us because everything ran so smoothly, but know they helped set up centerpieces, light candles, direct vendors, refreshed the cake table, helped move guests through the guestbook/polaroid line, and helped keep the timeline in check. The only thing we wish we would have done differently was listen to their recommendation to keep them through all of the activities (speeches, first dances, etc.) because after they left there wasn't as much of a true leader of the timeline. Even my now-husband said hiring the Dawn to Dusk teams was one of the best decisions of the wedding planning process because he saw the value in having a true leader throughout the day witnessing their skills!

-Shannon, Des Moines

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